Testimonials    “Thus far the LipoLaser at Sundays Sun Spa has dropped more than 2 inches off of my midsection.  I have maintained my healthy eating habits and workout schedule.  The area’s off in inches have been where the LipoLaser has been applied.  The young ladies who work with you are wonderful, Encouraging and supportive.  They are just as excited as I am when the measurement is done!  The entire experience has been very professional and relaxed.”  J.L  

    “I’ve been Lipo Lasering for about 2 weeks now (6 Treatments) and have seen some good results.  I’ve noted about 2 inches everywhere across my abdominal area. I’m so excited to begin focusing on my lower half.  Its absolutly amazing how simple it was and the staff was so helpful.”  H.H.

I decided to use the Lipolaser at Sundays to slim down my thighs.  I just finished my 4th treatment.  I have lost about 3 inch on each thigh.  I’m very pleased by the results .  I’m looking forward to the next treatment and the results it will bring.  Thank you Sundays for my slimmer firmer legs.”   A.Y