How long does it take?

Our body wraps are preformed by appointment only and are a 60-minute therapeutic session. Plan on being in our facility for about an hour and 15 minutes total. You will lye on a massage table comfortably supported with pillows and bolsters. Your trained female technician will gently wrap you in the 6 heated pads and check on you throughout your session.

 What do I wear and what should I bring?

 You should bring cotton sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt. Spandex, nylon and synthetic fabrics are not recommended. You will sweat, so be sure to bring clothes and undergarments to change into afterward. We will provide you with plenty of water to drink during your treatment. We also provide an iPod/CD player with cordless headphones. So bring your iPod, favorite CD’s, book or magazine. We also provide tranquil music to aid in this relaxing and soothing session.

 How do I prepare for my body wrap?

 Bring the attire as described above and drink plenty of water before and for at least 24 hours after your treatment. Please use the restroom just prior to your session to avoid interruption of your body wrap.

What should I expect after my treatment?

 You should expect to feel revitalized, energetic and your facial skin will glow!  If you were treated for pain you should feel some immediate relief. Plan to drink a lot of water for the next 24 hours.  After your treatment it is advised to fit in at least a 20-minute session of exercise. You will feel re-energized and ready to take on a healthy activity!

How many wraps will I need to see and feel a difference for weight loss, cellulite reduction and improved muscle tone?

Most clients will feel refreshed ad relaxed as soon as they complete their body wrap. For weight loss and inch reduction most clients will see significant results in 6-8 body wraps. Worldwide the average client losses one dress size in this time if a healthy diet and moderate exercise routine is maintained. It is very possible to obtain quicker results! Some clients see some improvement after their first wrap. It is gradual progress. Maintain with a few sessions a month.

What about for pain relief?

 Many clients will get pain relief in one session, the length of the relief will vary. For some with muscle and tension pain, the pain may not return. For those with more severe conditions a scheduled treatment may be needed and will vary.

 How often can I have a body wrap?

 Because the benefit of metabolic increase is effective for days after your treatment you should skip two full days in between your wraps if you are a person who participates in a consistent work out routine. If your lifestyle is more sedentary you should wait three days in between your wraps. The detoxification process is also effectual for days after your session, so it is NOT beneficial or recommended to wrap more often. If fact we enforce this guideline for your safety.

 Is infrared heat safe for me?

This treatment is not advisable for pregnant women, if there is a chance you may be pregnant please be sure before proceeding with a treatment.

If you take any medications please check with your physician and or pharmacist before proceeding with a treatment.

There are some health conditions that are contradictory to infrared heat. The conditions that we are aware of are listed on our Agreement. Please notify your technician if you have any health conditions that fall in any of the categories listed. It is advisable that you check with your physician before undertaking an infrared heat body wrap program.

 Am I guaranteed results?

 While most of our clients and clients worldwide experience amazing results from the infrared heat body wrap system results will vary and no claim is made for specific results.  We do not make claims to treat or cure any form of condition or illness.