LipoLaser Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate?

There is no ‘ideal’ candidate for LipoLaser treatments; it has been shown to be effective on much different body and skin types. However, the best results will be seen by men and women who just cannot seem to get rid of stubborn areas of body fat despite exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It works synergistically with the body’s natural weight loss mechanisms. It specifically targets troublesome areas to remove inches. It is extremely important to note that as with any fat reduction procedure or process both the short and long term results are drastically improved if the treatment is done in conjunction with an overall diet and exercise program. It is strongly recommended that each patient is evaluated based on body type and lifestyle so that reasonable expectations may be set for LipoLaser results.

 How does non-invasive, low level LipoLaser technology work?

Non-invasive LipoLaser technology works with a cold laser conductor that is placed on the skin over areas to be treated. Originally designed to speed up healing, doctors noticed that the cold laser technology also liquefied fat cells. The non-invasive LipoLaser does not remove the fat cells, it drains them.  The fat can then be metabolized normally by a healthy person, reshaping body contour, diminishing cellulite, tightening and toning skin. Ultimately losing inches.

 Do the fat cells get smaller?

Yes! Fat cells are significantly reduced in size and drained of fat. This results in substantial body contour improvements, diminished cellulite and tight toned skin. That’s what makes LipoLaser such a great target treatment for trouble spots such as love handles, muffin-top, saddlebags, double chin, etc. Significant results can be seen in just a few treatments when diet and exercise are considered.

 Where does the fat go?

LipoLaser liquefies fat which is drained through the lymphatic system. The effectiveness of fat drainage during and after treatment is dependent on proper functioning of the lymphatic system that is responsible for removing waste from the body.  A detox program will ensure optimal function of the lymphatic system. While exercise increases this function and is vital for success.

 Is LipoLaser Safe?

The LipoLaser is a cold laser and these therapies have been safely used for more than 30 years in clinics throughout the world. LipoLaser is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have a kidney disorder, thyroid gland dysfunction, compromised immune system, photosensitivity and/or taking photosensitizing medications, liver disease, poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension, epilepsy, have a pacemaker, have cancer or undergoing radiation therapy or have active herpes simplex lesions. It is not for use on children. Non-invasive, low level LipoLaser therapy is FDA approved. There is generally no pain or discomfort during or after the LipoLaser treatment.

 What areas of the body can be treated?

Sundays Sun Spa LipoLaser treatments are effective for use on the back of the arms, the upper and lower abdomen, knees, upper/lower back, inner/outer thighs, hips, buttocks, love handles, muffin top, the male chest and neck and chin area.

 What results can I expect from the LipoLaser treatment?

Male and female clients have found that those hard to reduce trouble spots can be treated quite significantly within just a few treatments. LipoLaser can help you contour and sculpt those places that do not respond to exercise and diet, as well as improve cellulite and overall appearance. The LipoLaser helps tighten skin as fat is lost by stimulating collagen and elastin production.  Skin tightening is an important benefit and works well with a weight loss or post surgical program to help tone loose skin.

 Do I have to diet and exercise?

Studies have found that clients who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly will experience the best LipoLaser results. We suggest 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity following each treatment. A reduced calorie diet and exercise program that burns at the minimum 350-500 calories at least 5 times a week is ideal.

 How can I optimize my results from LipoLaser?

Drinking plenty of water following treatments is essential, we suggest a minimum of 32 ounces in 4 hours post treatment and additional water daily.  Avoiding alcohol and high sugar drinks during and after the course of treatment is beneficial. A detox program will also be beneficial.

 How many treatments will I need?

Sundays Sun Spa’s recommendation is to 6 treatments, however some individuals may require more or less to gain the expected results.