Pre-Tan Recommendations

We are delighted you have chosen to have a Sundays Custom Airbrush Tan by one of our certified professional technicians. The following are common questions that are asked about preparing for your custom airbrush experience.


What should I do to prepare my skin for my spray tan?

Please shower and exfoliate 6-24 hours prior to your session avoiding oil based exfoliants and moisturizing body washes. This is the best thing you can do to ensure a long lasting tan. If you wish to shave we recommend that you do so 6-24 hours prior as well. Do not apply any oil-based products to your skin as they will act as a barrier and prohibit the development of your tan. Your skin will be treated with a pH balance spray that we will apply prior to your spray tan. 

If your skin is very dry it is fine to apply a water based moisturizer 3 or more hours prior to your session. 

Please arrive to your session with clean skin free of oils, make up, lotion, perfume and deodorant.  

What should I wear to my appointment?

You have the option of wearing undergarments, a bathing suit or going topless during your session (your session is private). If you are wearing undergarments, cotton, tight fitting is best. Just remember you WILL have tan lines! Men are requested to wear boxer shorts or swim trunks. We supply disposable bras, thongs, boxers and flip flops if you need them. 

What should I wear after my airbrush tan?

It is best to bring or wear dark colored, loose fitting clothes and flip flops for your feet. Wear these clothes for at least 4 -8 hours after your application.

 How long will my appointment take?

Your spray tan should not take more than 20 minutes to apply. But, please allow a few minutes to dry and dress. If this is your first appointment allow about 10 minutes for a consultation with your certified technician.