Post Tan Instructions


Thank you for choosing Sundays Tanning for your airbrush tan. The following are frequently asked questions about what to do to ensure that your tan is long lasting and wears evenly.

 How long until I can shower?

We recommend that you wait 8 hours to shower, you can wait longer. Sleeping before showering is fine, please wear long sleeved and long legged pajamas to prohibit the DHA from transferring to hands and other body parts and also to prevent sweat from unevenly fading your tan. The bronzer will rub off onto your sheets and clothes, but will wash away in the washer. The bronzer will not stain most fabric except silk, some nylon and wool blends. We offer non-bronzer solutions and for those in a hurry we also offer solutions that have a shorter processing time. Please allow 4 hours before washing your hands if possible.

 When you shower for the time after your application you will notice a lot of brown color in the tub. This is the bronzer and is meant to wash away. It is a color guide for application and for your immediate gratification. Your tan develops from DHA, which is colorless and takes 12-24 hours to fully develop.

 Can I workout right after my spray tan session?

No. Sweating before showering off the bronzer will leave you with streaks.

 Can I shave after my spray tan session?

Please wait at least 24 hours to shave and use a fresh blade.

 Can I get a mani or pedi after my spray tan application?

We recommend getting a mani/pedi before your spray tan. It is best to get just a polish change at least 24 hours afterward. Soaking your hands or feet in hot water will fade your tan quickly. For this reason hot baths, hot showers and hot tubs are not recommended. Chlorinated pools and salt water will also fade your tan and lead to unevenness.

 I have a tan now, so am I protected from the sun?

No! Please protect yourself from uv rays using a sunscreen as you would normally. You are able to tan indoors or out after your initial shower.



 Extra Tips

Please do not exfoliate until your tan is gone or if you are planning another spray tan session. Avoid bar soaps as they are very drying and will shorten the length of your tan a moisturizing body wash is best. We carry a line of sunless body washes and moisturizers.

 Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Every day, twice a day if possible DHA is drying to your skin. Moist skin will maintain your gorgeous color longer!

 Use a fresh razor and hair conditioner to shave with. A moisturizing shave cream is fine.

 Expect the tan on your face and hands to fade the quickest. Due to frequent washing, accelerated exfoliation and specialty products this will occur. We offer a product that you can use to touch up your face and maintain that golden glow!

 Beware of rain or heavy snow within 6 hours after your application. Your tan could be spotted from raindrops and snowflakes!

 We carry a complete line of products that will help you to care for your airbrush tan. They will lengthen the life of your tan and ensure a more even wear. Please ask your technician to recommend what is right for you.


Products to Avoid 

Dove/Dial/Zest Soaps
Bar Soap
Curel Lotion
Vaseline Intensive Care
Hair Inhibiting Lotions
Toners or products that contain alcohol
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA’s)
Retin A Products & BHA Products
Facial masks and scrubs
Pore Cleansing Strips
Waxing and Exfoliants
Hair removal products (Nair, etc.)
Baby Shampoo


These products will fade your tan faster or cause unevenness and possibly unacceptable results.